Time to seed the lawns

Did you know that we have just entered the VERY best time of the year to seed and establish a lawn? The reasons are simple- Turf grass in our area is a cool season crop, the most noxious or troublesome weeds in our area are warm season crops. SO in other words, the weeds germinate and grow as it gets warmer in the summer. Turf germinates and thrives in cooler temperatures. So if you seed in the spring, while the grass seed will germinate, it will soon be out competed by broad-leaf weeds and crabgrass. However if you seed now the broad-leaf weeds, crabgrass and the like are all dying a natural death. Your newly seeded grass will germinate and have 3 months this fall and another 3 months in the spring to establish before competing with the weeds.
So if your lawn is in tough shape or you are thinking maybe next spring you will seed your lawn, DON’T do it. Plant your seed now and in approx 10 days you will be mowing your new turf for the first time and by the middle to end of September you will have a lush green lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors!

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