The Winter of 2015 is Over! Now to Get Your Yard Back in Order

There’s no denying that the Winter of 2015 was horrendous.

As the nine-feet of snow in many yards finally melts, homeowners and gardeners are now confronting the full impact of this historic winter’s repeated snowstorms and extreme cold. As they venture out to inspect their gardens, they are finding sobering sights of winter devastation.

The bad news…

  • As happens with any severe winter, snow and ice has broken tree branches and shrubs. Unfortunately, this winter has been worse than most.
  • The winter kill (caused by the weight of the snow and falling icicles) to ornamental bushes and plants is significant. Some plantings did not survive and will need to be replaced.
  • Salt on roads and driveways has destroyed the edges of lawns.
  • Some yards are seeing snow mold.
  • South and west facing plants and trees have suffered excessive winter burn.
  •  Snow blowers and snowplows have sometimes overshot the pavement and dug up lawns and plantings.
  • The freeze-thaw-freeze conditions have been bad for grass roots, which may have been killed.
  • In order to survive, hungry deer and other wild life have been eating the bottom foliage off garden plantings and bushes.
  • Tree stakes may have be broken, become unstable or are girdling from being connected to the tree too long.
  • A garden’s hardscape (paved areas, pools, fountains, fireplaces) may have suffered from heaving caused by melting snow and then freezing temperatures This may have resulted in structural damage.
  • The extreme cold has placed many plants and trees behind schedule for spring blooming.

The good news…

The damage from the Winter of 2015 is completely reversible with time, effort and expertise. For more then two decades, PrincetonScapes has dealt with winters (yes, including the previous record-holding winter of 1996).

No matter how harsh the season or how intense Mother Nature’s impact, PrincetonScapes has the expertise to return your yard and gardens to their previous beauty. From hardscape repair to spring planting to mulching to simple cleanup, we offer complete landscaping and property care, as well as construction services.

It’s been a difficult and challenging winter, but it’s now behind us. Now it’s time to restore to your ground to their former elegance – or even better.

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