Upcycling: Pallet Garden Ideas

You may have come across a few photos of people using pallets as a garden bed or vertical growing walls. The reuse of recycled material to achieve a higher purpose and value is known as upcycling. Upcycling is exactly what pallet gardening is. Nothing is better than taking a pallet, composed of raw wood, and refining it into a crafty planter.

There are a few things that are great about pallet gardens:

  1. Easy to Weed: It’s easy to manage a small pallet garden if it becomes infested with weeds. Because it is a small defined growing area, maintenance is simple! There are many ideas out there in regards to making elevated planting beds. This allows easy reaching for those who are elderly or handicapped.
  2. The Divide: It’s easy to plant from seed or grow from starter packs when everything is planted in a line. Gone are the days of tilling soil and losing track of where you have planted your flowers or veggies.
  3. The Creative Approach: Pallet gardening can be taken to the next level by adding or removing boards and even adding a dash of paint.

Upcycling pallets is not limited to gardening. There are hundreds of creative ideas to reuse pallets: everything from treehouses, to patio benches, to architectural pieces! Check out these ideas from around the web: