What Goes into a Great Lawn?

There is no magic answer to growing a perfect lawn. However, there are a few actions you can take to making your lawn look beautiful.

Mow height plays a crucial role in the health of your lawn. In the spring and early fall, it a good idea to keep your lawn at about 2-3” high. The last mow of the season is the only time you can cut it down to about 1 ½”. The summer season is the trickiest one. With the sun blazing and temperatures breaking records, it can be tough to keep your lawn healthy and lush. The secret to keeping the lawn from burning is by keeping the lawnmower blade set up higher than 3”. Keeping the blade sharp is another useful tip!

If you pluck a piece of grass from the lawn that has been recently mown and notice a brown jagged edge at the top, it means that your blade is dull. Homeowners should sharpen their mower blades at least 2-3 times a year. Damaged ends leave the grass blades susceptible to pests and diseases. One other danger to be aware of is over-watering.

Mike and Dorothy Tsostis house, Rutland, MA, 2009

Over-watering a lawn can cause more damage than letting the grass wilt. During peak growth, lawns will need about 1-1/2” of water a week so that the soil becomes moist 4-6” down. Keep an eye on the weather since it might not be necessary to turn on the sprinklers if rain is expected that week. Fertilization is another factor to keep in mind.

Some homeowners believe that over-fertilizing the lawn can be helpful when in fact it can really hurt the growth of the grass. There are only four times when the lawn should receive some fertilization: spring, summer, early fall, and after the first frost. Fertilizer helps boost the soil and provides some of the building blocks of food for the grass. Other than that, the grass is producing its own food directly from the sun. Over-fertilizing can cause the microbes in the soil to die and can create a sterile environment.


Keep a good eye on your lawn this season. Preventing problems is much easier to deal with than recovering from them. Routine maintenance equals a happy lawn. Call us for any questions or if you’re looking for a maintenance program. We are happy to help keep your lawn lush!