Container Plants: Dressing up the Yard

Container gardens are a great way to spruce up an area where there is no access to soil. It’s a wonderful way to accent or draw attention to an entry way, deck, or patio. They can also be used to separate or screen certain areas where we like to linger on summer days.  Container gardens are all play and no hassle. You can skip the weed pulling and all the shoving and play with color and texture of plants. Depending on how large the pot is, you can plant anything between perennials, annuals, and even dwarf evergreens.   Here are some steps to making a magnificent container garden:

Pick a Pot or Container

Unless you have certain plants in mind, choosing a container first is the way to go. Find something that reflects your personality or something that would blend with the house well. For instance, a stone or neutral colored pot would be perfect for ornate home. Clean lines or geometric shaped pots might be a great fit for a modern home. Colorful pots may contrast with the plants to give the area some pop. No matter what pot you chose, keep in mind that if you would like a mixture of plants, then you will need a pot that is no smaller than a foot wide. It’s very easy to stuff plants into a container and have them outcompete IMG_0233each other.  When you are shopping around, note the weep holes at the bottom of containers. If a pot does not have a weep hole, it could cause serious damage to the plants if the soil is waterlogged. There will be instances when we will receive copious amounts of rain in the summer.


Purchase the Plants

Instead of planting a single plant, why not try combining different annuals, ornamental grasses, or dwarf evergreens? Go for a mix ofcolors, texture, and foliage to make your container stand out. It usually a great idea to plant something that will give the container some height. For instance, using ornamental grass in the center of the container and layering plants from tallest to smallest from the grass to the rim of the pot. Stick to about 3-5 different plants per pot. Any more, and it begins to look too overwhelming or messy.  Be sure to pair plants that can handle the same amount of sun exposure- this is key to their survival!

If you do not have time to plant a container garden, but would love one, contact us! We have fine gardeners on staff who can meet every expectation with skill and finesse.