Massachusetts Commercial De-Icing Control Services

De-Icing & Ice Control Services For Businesses

Winter isn’t just about big snowstorms and large snow piles. Winter is also about ice: rain that freezes overnight, melting snow that runs down walkways and driveways and re-freezes, freezing rain, ice storms… ice is a real hazard in a New England winter.

Princeton Scapes is your first responder after a big event, but we’re also your regular maintenance team, keeping ahead of the big freeze in order to keep you free from injury and worry.

Throughout the cold months we provide a regular de-icing and ice-control service, spreading sand and salt on driveways, parking lots, access roads, sidewalks, and other walkways. We use only the best products approved by the State for safe environmental usage, and we are happy to use specific products to meet your particular needs.

Don’t wait for the big freeze to start, let Princeton Scapes prepare your premises ahead of time.