Massachusetts Landscape Flower & Plant Installation Services

Flower Plant Installation & Landscape Management Services For Businesses

You like peonies, but are they right for your property? Maybe azaleas are your thing, but what replaces their color when their flowering season is past?

Princeton Scapes can work with you to create the best plantings for your premises. We will consider the environment as a whole, from soil makeup to exposure to sunlight, to water access, to wind protection, to growing season. Some plantings will be annual, others perennial, but you can be sure that they will all complement each other and their surroundings.

As part of our flower and plant installation services we prepare your beds using the best mix of organic matter, mulching, and soil to ensure texture, nutrition, aeration, and drainage. We maintain your beds and containers throughout the year. We deadhead and prune to ensure the most productive and long-lasting blooming season. And we pay attention to fertilization through the year, making sure your beds and containers continue to be nutrient-rich and suitable for the plants within them.